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Step Set Go has brought a revolution in play and app store as it lets you earn free coins by just walking and those coins can be redeemed to buy listed products in the app. But the app is designed in such a way that you have to walk in order to buy premium products or should I say it is designed by keeping your fitness in mind and all those premium products are there to motivate you to keep healthy and fit.

By walking outdoor you get 1 coin for steps and when you walk indoor you get 1 coin for steps. There are a total of 5 levels on this app, on 1st Level you can only collect 5 coins by walking every day and if you wish to earn more you have to collect 5 coins by walking continuously for 3 days which upgrades your earning limitation from 5 to As you upgrade it gets more difficult to complete a level as on the 2nd level you have to earn 10 coins every day by walking continuously for 3 days to get to the 3rd level where you to walk 15, steps or 15 coins which goes on until you reach level 5.

There are other complementary methods by which you can earn more coins and those are referring this app to others which lets you earn 5 coins or watching an ad which lets you earn only 1 coin. You can only watch 4 ads per day which means you can only earn 4 coins for free and there is a limit of referring to a friend which is per month. With all these restrictions how do you think you can earn that much of coins to buy iPhone XR and the answer lies in below This is the most practical and also the most amazing hack that can ever be used to get almost unlimited steps quickly.

The product is so good that it increases steps by using the power of magnets, electric and gravity which will get you around many steps in an hour. You are just required to put your smartphone on the device just like below image and the steps will get increased to a tremendous amount If you are thinking of any proof whether this product will fetch you a lot of steps which will be very difficult if not impossible to get them manually then let me share with you screenshots of my own smartphone If you look closely you will notice that every day I am able to earn 30 coins except for one day without moving a finger.

Though not all, majority of the coins have been earned by this product If I had known of this product earlier then I would have earned much more than what I have earned until now.

It is a one-time investment considering that you can get your iPhone XR or Play Station in a very short time frame then performing any manual hacks which will take a very long time to earn enough coins to buy any premium product. With just one product I am getting a lot of steps on 3 smartphones One is mine, my brother and my mother. So Far, I have not experienced any issue with this product and using it continuously for every smartphone of my family members.

If you encounter any issue with the product, or you are not satisfied with the quality, the seller guarantees hassle free return within 10 days after you order or work with you till you are satisfied.

However, there is one issue which is the product being out of stock from ecommerce website. So we have to wait unitl it comes back. This hack is the most basic hack which requires nothing at all, no software, no app, not any product or any other kind of stuff.

All you have to do is move your arm back and forth.YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of YouTube. This page has installation instructions and download links for non-rooted devices. YouTube Vanced for rooted devices can be found here.

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StepSetGo App Loot- Walk to Earn Coins & Redeem Gifts!

You can download on your pc and send it to mobile or else you may directly download on your mobile. Move all these files to your phone memory by selecting move option. You can use either shareit or else you can move it using the USB.

First install. Almost this is the update of android. With this update all the new features will be applicable on your device. Even the cheap android phones can also be upgraded to this newer version of android.Welcome to TricksZylo.

Today on demand of our users we are going to share Netflix Mod Apk. Netflix is one of the best entertainment platforms where you can watch web series, latest movies over the world. You can download Netflix Hacked application and enjoy free premium features. You all know the Netflix Apk is basically paid Apk. If you want to stream Netflix then you must need to pay. Different countries have different plains. After seeing high prices of plans I decided to share Netflix hacked because of middle-class peoples and below can not afford.

For downloading the mod apk connecting with us till the last word of the article because in every single sentence you got new and important things. Netflix Apk is an online streaming platform around the world. In this Apk, you need to pay and you must spend money. It is nothing but a modded version of Netflix apk.

This application lightly modified by unknown developers for Netflix Premium. Mod apk is unlocked with all premium paid features for free. Netflix hacked is a synonym. Netflix hacked version you scrap the premium features and watch free movies, web series, documentaries and more in 4k, UHD, HD. Below we will be providing detailed information on premium features, installation guidance, and downloading link.

Netflix apk official version charges a lot which not affordable by any middle-class peoples. Download the mod apk end enjoy. Now, we are sharing the amazing key features of this mod Apk.Let us tell you a story about Rahul.

Rahul makes a New Year's resolution every year to work on his fitness. He starts off well but by the middle of Jan he has already lost most of his drive. By the time it's Feb, all his motivation has vanished. Rahul struggles because the fitness journey is difficult and boring. It takes too long to see results. These factors combined make Rahul lose interest quickly. Next year the same cycle starts all over again.

Are you Rahul? As easy as walking. As interesting as shopping. Every steps you take is rewarded with 1 SSG Point. You can redeem these SSG points to buy offers from the Bazaar. From exclusive discounts to completely free products, we have it all. Your max earning capacity is restricted by your level.

At level 5 you can earn up to 23 points a day. Every week you join a leaderboard with everyone you follow. Compete with your friends and family to see who walk the most every week! Fitness has never been more fun. We keep a record of all your steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered.

Explore your fitness trends with beautiful graphs and see how you have progressed over time.

Mermaid Love Story Games (MOD, Unlimited Money) 15.0

I love them! Thank you so much team SSG. Just received this nice t-shirt from you. Looking forward to redeem many more products in the future. Thanks you so much to team SSG. I have referred this app to my colleagues they also like it very much. I'm going to definitely tell people about the app and spread the happiness!

I'm looking forward to walk more and buy more products from stepsetgo.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The concept is simple. Walk to earn SSG Coins. Use these SSG Coins to redeem awesome rewards. Rewards can be exclusive discounts or amazing products that are completely FREE! The aim is to make walking fun again, even if you stay indoors. Head on to the Arena page in the app where you can compete with your friends and even challenge yourself to collect even more SSG Coins.

Customise your profile and tease your friends for being lazy. Get inspired by their healthy walking habits and activities. Everything is always more fun when you have your friends and family challenging you in healthy competition.

Don't forget to level up! Your fitness journey on StepSetGo is mapped out by 5 Levels. Walk a bit more every day to upgrade your level. Upgrading gives you access to earn more SSG Coins daily. Be lazy and you will be downgraded and earn fewer SSG Coins. What's worse is that your friends on SSG will see that you are being lazy and nobody wants that teasing! To add more colours to your fitness journey, the app will change its look and colours every time you upgrade or downgrade your level, just to keep you moving!HappyMod provides you to take the modified whatever your favorite apps and games for free.

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